But there is a very intuitive data worth noting that the presence of the season Curry or not for the Warriors net margin of the impact of the value is 15 http://www.top1ukzones.co.uk/nike-stefan-janoski-c-84.html.8 (see the second part of the article), and Durant presence or not the impact of the value of 9.1, So in front of this well-matched we must have a note: on the current view http://www.top1ukzones.co.uk/nike-blazer-nike-blazers-women-c-3_5.html, no Du warriors to slightly stronger than the non-library Warriors, Curry in the role of the Warriors still more than Durant http://www.top1ukzones.co.uk/nike-free-30-v4-c-9.html. Boer is a popular rookie, but the outside world worried that he will be affected by pressure, because his father Laval - Boer could not control his mouth, has been open "pull hatred." "I really support all the mischief of Boer's father.I should now give my father a call and encourage him to say more words," he said. Nien did not think that she was talking about Boer and Boer's father in Twitter, but was the fans of the dirty molested .A an account for the "K2 2X" friends in Eunnien's Twitter said: Do you want him (boolean) d ** k? Minnesota situation worrisome, three-game losing streak, they and the western top eight has been drifting away. Although not yet completely out, but not far away. For Downs and Vickers, this season is a watch season, as hope, can only be entrusted to the coming year. But in their own home, the Timberwolves will not easily let the Spurs. Young they want to use their own vitality, as much as possible the impact of opponents http://www.top1ukzones.co.uk/nike-air-max-mens-air-max-2014-c-32_104.html.