From the above performance of these combinations we can easily find, Durant alone led (no library warriors), the Warriors significantly reduced the three-pointers shot, but in the offensive efficiency and the basket above the cap should be more excellent The And when there is no Durant (no Du warriors), when the warrior's three-pointers greatly increased, and returned to last year that three-point unit of the state. But in the offensive efficiency and cap above are less than Durant alone when the lead. 12 in 7,16 points 14 rebounds 5 front panel 3 assists 8 cover. Jazz tried to Gobel to cultivate the "new Bill - Russell", the French tower is already the league's best defensive center nike stefan janoski sale. Today's eight blocks are Gobel's career high, before he has sent seven more times. At the end of the game Gobel's layup was covered by George, this is a very critical round. Also let Gobel understand that on the pitch (especially the offensive end) he still has plenty of room to rise For the Spurs, after the Timberwolves, the team will return to Al-Quds Al-Sharif, even playing four home, opponents are Grizzlies, Knicks, knights and warriors, in addition to the Knicks are mud to help the wall , The other three opponents do not mess with So in terms of the Spurs, they naturally want to get the opponent, with victory to go home.