From the water brothers and Green's data we can easily find, after joining the Durant, the Warriors of several other main players in the field of pressure significantly reduced. From the previous they did not start to lose, and now they are still able to win, all this is Durant brought credit. After the Warriors signed Durant composed of four kings, the Warriors for the four kings of each person's dependence is actually reduced. Last season, because the Green ban and lost the entire finals of the situation, the probability of occurrence of this season is much smaller. The reduction in the degree of dependence on each person, means that everyone's data and the absolute core position in the team have declined, which also led directly to a lot of fans to see the status of the library fell, and even has been completely Durant The illusion of substitution. The Spurs will go to the road and meet with the Timberwolves. Al-Quds are now at a distance of 2 nike free 4.0 v2 womens.5 wins from the Warriors, so there is an urgent need to win closer to each other. While the home team in the three-game losing streak, the eighth from the west has 4.5 wins the gap, already drifting away. Tencent sports will be 9 am, half an hour ahead of the video live the game.